Attibility - Attitude and Ability


Attibility – Attitude and Ability

In Attibility Andre explores the notion that success is never that cut and dried. Through this book he explores the notion that there is no single factor that determines or guarantees one’s success but there is one controllable thing that plays a defining role in how far we go in life and it is called Attibility! Attibility refers to attibility as the combination of our attitude towards doing what is necessary as well as our level of ability to do what needs to be done. The two elements are entirely different but by understanding the measure we have of each of these get to understand why we are where we are in life and what we can do to get further ahead.


Wheelbarrows need to be pushed


Wheelbarrows need to be pushed

Wheelbarrows Need To Be Pushed focuses directly on people management. By identifying the 9 ‘Attibility’ types ranging from immobile Rock to Top Dogs, Andre gives great tips and examples of how to get the best out of the many different kinds of employees a manager will face in their career. His assessment matrix is in essence, a simple and effective tool for staff performance assessment and management.